Described by The New York Times as “a rock band with a honky-tonk lilt,” The Bad New Ones are a Brooklyn-based outfit who follow in the drunken footsteps of The Faces, The New York Dolls, Big Star, The Mekons, The Replacements, The Meat Puppets, Guided by Voices, Spider Bags, and The Men.


Drummer Alex Tretiak, of Glen Rock, New Jersey, was formerly a touring member of Titus Andronicus and appeared on Andrew Cedermark’s latest record, Home Life, on Underwater Peoples. Keyboardist and vocalist Bobby Miller, of Miami, once ate his own hearing aid and subsequently had robot parts installed directly into his ear. Bassist Jack Kredell hails from the mean streets of Los Angeles and bores the rest of the band with his complaints about the inferiority of New York tacos.


Guitarist and vocalist Shuja Haider was born in a small town in Pennsylvania where he learned the only three chords he knows how to play. As the composer of the band’s songbook, he accepts most of the blame for the terrible messages their music sends to impressionable children. He draws influence from songwriters like Gram Parsons, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Ray Davies, Merle Haggard, Kurt Vile, and Prince.


The Bad New Ones have played at venues including Shea Stadium, Cameo Gallery, Pianos, Cake Shop, Arlene’s Grocery, Lit Lounge, Muchmore’s, and Legion, sharing the stage with acts like Liquor Store, Lost Boy?, Eula, Habibi, Big Huge, Dead Sexy Sheila, Sunset Guns, Vulture Shit, Bodega Bay, The Jeanies, and 1-800-BAND.